Alec Casapao

Co founder of Compound Cut Club. Alec leads by example with sheer hustle and work ethic. He perfects his craft with pride, and explores many paths to achieve team goals. Alec wants to see their shop grow exponentially, while maintaining company values of being warm and approachable. his favorite haircut to do in the barbershop / salon is blended pompadours. 

Get to know Alec Barbero

Write down your top 5 most used emojis


Where are you a Regular at?

I am a regular next door to Tau Bay. For bubble tea, my go to is DREAM TEA. Lastly im a regular at Perfect Golf Range for the winter golfing and Victoria Golf Range in the Summer. 

Fact about me that surprises people:

That I am a co-founder of Compound Cut Club, usually people that doesn’t know the story of compound, they wouldn’t expect someone younger to be owning and running the business.

If there was one client that represents your whole clientele, how would I describe that person :

I would say that all my clients are old friends. That one good ol’ buddy you have that you have always known and that you can trust is how i would describe my clientele if i had to. obviously not everyone is like that but most are.

what's your favourite haircut to do?

I like doing scissor cuts because nobody ever ask to get them. I usually do fades for every single haircut everyday and I’ve been doing them for years. My most ever haircuts in one day was 27 haircuts and they were all skin fades. When someone asks for a scissor cut or anything that isn’t a fade, its a nice change of pace.

    what's your least favourite haircut to do?

    I would say, undercuts, because there is just no challenge there. It is way too easy and i don’t get to be creative with it. Don’t get me wrong, it is still nice to do them once in awhile but if i had to pick my least favourite cut to do, it’d be that. I still enjoy doing them doe.


    Why should people book with u?

    If you are actually wanting a long term relationship with your barber, thats what you’re getting when you get your haircuts by me. It is a commitment that i am willing to take to serve you whenever you need. When you need a haircut last minute, i will try and get you in as long as you take care of me also. I am a serial entrepreneur, trying to build Compound Cut Club and if you want access to me and my lessons that I’ve learned, you an easily have access to that if you come for cuts. I love conversations and giving advices about anything and everything, feel free to ask me when you’re getting your haircuts.