Camille Arcilla

Hairstylist and colourist of Compound Cut Club. Camille entered the industry a year and a half ago, and has dedicated herself to perfecting her skills as a colourist. Her services are highly sought after and has amassed a client base that trusts her and are guaranteed to love the final look.

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Get to know Camille Arcilla

Write down your top 5 most used emojis


Where are you a Regular at?

I’m a regular at every sushi restaurant in Edmonton.

Fact about me that surprises people:

I can speak French!

If there was one client that represents your whole clientele, how would I describe that person :

I would say that all my clients are old friends. That one good ol’ buddy you have that you have always known and that you can trust is how i would describe my clientele if i had to. obviously not everyone is like that but most are.

what's your favourite haircut to do?

Low maintenance, high contrast balayage! Beige blondes, ash tones, any blonding really.

    what's your least favourite haircut to do?

    Haircuts. 🤣


    Why should people book with u?

    I love work so much it doesn’t feel like work. I’m passionate in what I do and put 100% into everything. My clients are like friends and family to me.

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