Dennis Dang


Dennis has been a barber for 4 years now. Barbering has always been his passion but he had to go get his degree in engineering first before he can fully pursue the barbering career. With his pure discipline and willingness to learn, Dennis provides one of the best mens hair services in the city and his client retention shows that.

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Get to know Dennis Dang

Write down your top 5 most used emojis


Where are you a Regular at?

La fitness

Fact about me that surprises people:

I am a electrical engineering technologist

If there was one client that represents your whole clientele, how would I describe that person :

Someone that is famous but doesn’t say it

what's your favourite haircut to do?

Modern mullet

    what's your least favourite haircut to do?

    Hot shaves


    Why should people book with u?

    I have detailed consultations with my clients that allow me to give my clients exactly what they are looking for and will always do my best to make you feel comfortable in and out of the chair

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