Tracy Bang


Barber and colourist of Compound Cut Club. Tracy is an extremely versatile hairstylist, excelling in both barbering and hair colouring services. She is hardworking and dedicated to ensuring only the best service for her clients. 


Write down your top 5 most used emojis


Where are you a Regular at?

I am a regular next door to Tau Bay. For bubble tea, my go to is DREAM TEA. Lastly im a regular at Perfect Golf Range for the winter golfing and Victoria Golf Range in the Summer. 

Fact about me that surprises people:

i look Filipino but I’m not

If there was one client that represents your whole clientele, how would I describe that person :


what's your favourite haircut to do?

Long Layers

    what's your least favourite haircut to do?

    Short bobs


    Why should people book with u?

    because u get to sit and talk to me for 8 hours

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